The first green hydrogen generation and supply facility in the Community of Madrid.

In March 2023, we inaugurated our first green hydrogen generation, storage and supply plant in Coslada (Madrid).

This plant is the result of a green hydrogen supply agreement with the concessionaire of the Coslada municipal transport service.

See how it works


We receive green energy through the processing facility.


Electricity and water reach the electrolyser module, where hydrogen is generated through electrolysis.


Low-pressure hydrogen (30 bar) passes to the compression and supply module.


Hydrogen is compressed at high pressure (500 bar) and subsequently stored until it is time to be dispensed (refuelling the bus).

We are changing the future of mobility.

Use of Green Hydrogen in the mobility sector

We work with fleet operators to jointly develop projects. We are responsible for the hydrogen generation, storage and dispensing facility.


Green hydrogen generation

Compression at supply and storage pressure

Hydrogen supply

Project development and plant investment


Incorporation of vehicles into the regular service

Supply agreement with HVR

Investment in vehicles